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Poster 7

I recently teamed up with dear friend and CEO of, Timothy Good, for a pilot photo-shoot of some of his safety glasses being exposed and tested to adventurous environments we often find ourselves in. For this one the playgorund chosen was the ocean and the enemy was the the cold, wind and salty waves of the atlantic.

The idea was to visually prove that you don’t need to pay over rated prices to protect your beloved eyes while still looking cool. The truth and as we all know they will normally going to end, sooner or later, either lost, broken or seriously exposed to a prone to scratch environments. Despite the challenging conditions of a photo-shoot in a salty and bumpy environment I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. For a few more samples of the posters created, some behind the scenes images and the 3 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOUR ADVENTURE SUNGLASSES, hit the jump button below. You can also check the full set of images on my website gallery or the full set of posters here.  Continue reading

A breath of mountain fresh air nicely packed in a mail gift! – Montagnes Extrêmes, Photographes D’Alexandre Buisse

Today I was happily surprised by a breath of mountain fresh air nicely packed in a mail gift! 5

There it was in front of my eyes, Montagnes Extrêmes, the new book from friend and awesome fellow climbing photographer Alexandre Buisse. I had seen it on his release blog post, and have to say I was immediately  very curious to put my hands on one. For glimpse of the inside and more on how this one landed on my door hit the jump button.

Continue reading

Another 60 seconds Dynamic Portrait… This time a very precious one. MY FATHER!


I am delighted to give you the chance to meet my Father…. Even if only for 60 seconds…

My Father. One of my longest inspirations in this life. Photographer, Painter, Sculptor, Writer, Creative Thinker or simply obsessive thinker… But above all my biggest friend in this planet. YEs… The soundtrack didn’t took 2 minutes thinking about it! Way many vinyl records of Dylan in the house since I remember. They surely shaped my love for music, acoustic, harmonic and the road. Wishing I can get many, many of these along the years.
If you would like to discover more about his photography visit or his blog full of incredibly captivating stories about his experiences as a photographer going wayyyyy back in time. Enjoy!

For my Channel including all of the 60 seconds Dynamic Portraits visit

Mountain Hardware #momentsmakethejourney contest Week WInner


Mountain Hardware #momentsmakethejourney contest Week WInner

I have just discovered that one of my photos have just been chosen as a week winner for the contest #momentsmakethejourney by Mountain Hardwear, manufacturer of some of the finest and technical outdoor clothing available in the market.

Considering the high standards of imagery submitted to their Instagram feed, I am quite proud that my image stood amongst the crowd and got me in for the great finale.

Fingers crossed and don’t forget to check @MountainHardwear and @pedro__pimentel feeds on Instagram.

The Flying Studio Project

Image 172 (1)The Flying Studio Project

This weekend I took another step towards a long term idea of making a flying studio. Yes!!! You heard it well!

A proper moving (@ 200km/h+) studio with flying VALS (Voice Activated Lightstand), subjects, remote triggering of moving multi flash units and so on. A lot more is to be said about this… but for now here are 2 pics out of my first post production editing… Two images out of many that so well portrait how AMAZING this was to shoot!

My beautiful Portugal was the scenario and Skydive Europe facilities our base camp.

Getting the chance to work together with Atmonauti World Record holder Frankie Freefly was a true pleasure as we had been dreaming about the opportunity of sharing the skies for a long time and this was the perfect excuse.

Congratulations to Marinho Pardo for his 4000 jump on this one… Hope to get to share many more soon.

Much more is in the pipeline regarding this project… But for now I have to keep it in your imaginations only! Enjoy.

Senza Regole “No Rules” – The Sailing & Highline Dream Project – TRAILER IS OUT!

I know that this has been promised for a while, but the last few months have seen some great change in my life that have both inspired me but also taken me a whole lot  of that precious time. 

Meanwhile, and while we wait for the full story, I just couldn’t resist and hold to this anymore.

It has been out and live for a few days now and in ways it has already made the rounds… But in case you haven’t seen it yet… Turn your speakers on, crank that volume and let yourself dream, as that was exactly what we allowed ourselves to do! 

I truly hope that you get inspired by the amazing atmosphere and people that made this project come true.

Enjoy… And if you like it, SHARE IT! It means the world to me and helps to keep this space going and with a purpose. 

Featured on National Geographic

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 12.47.57

The Sardinia Sunrise Slackline Photo shoot on National Geographic

My photo of the Sardinia sunrise slackline session makes it to be photo of the day on the Travel 365 of National Geographic contest, and I didn’t even knew about it. 🙂 Lush!

I think this series is still going to give a lot to talk. Finally working on a media package to release soon. Keep tuned and go ride the planet.

60sec Dynamic Portrait of Tom Benzon “Musician”


I know it’s been a while since I last been here, but my life has seriously been hijacked for the past few months with some life changing events! Am starting to try to slowly get back on track with my duties an here goes another one of my latest 60 seconds Dynamic Portraits! I personally simply adore this one. It’s raw-ness is out of this world!!! Aahahahahha! Enjoy! 60 seconds Dynamic Portrait – Tom Benzon “Musician”